The Artist, self-portrait

The Artist, self-portrait



Phil Shroyer opened his art business after a long career as a graphic designer and creative director. Pencil portraiture has been a lifelong passion of Phil's and he has often taken photographs and created incredible artworks to perfectly capture memories for family, friends, and clients alike. He was trained at the University of Oklahoma School of Fine Arts and has over 40 years of experience working with both digital and physical media.

Phil has now expanded his range of artistic works to include oil and acrylic paintings, and will continue to explore new materials. He collects inspiration wherever he goes, often snapping sunrises and beautiful landscapes to recreate later. Whether you're looking to capture a treasured memory or find a beautiful painting to hang in your home, Phil will create a timeless piece that you'll love for a lifetime.

For commissions, please contact the artist directly via email at phil@philshroyer.com, or by phone at 469-569-8744.